Monday, 5 October 2009

Tumble Tots

Tot has been doing Tumble Tots for 3 weeks now and he absolutely loves it! That may be helped by the fact that one of his best friend's, India, goes too. She has done it since she could walk and her mum would go around the apparatus with her. From the age of 3 they do it on their own and parents wait in the bar area of the football clubhouse where it is held. I was a bit nervous about this to begin with as I have never left him at a nursery or anything like this before (he used to be looked after by his Nana and then his Grandma for two or three days a week when I worked but I have never been worried about leaving him with family). Anyway, even on the first week he ran in and didn't give me a second glance! And I've noticed a difference in his physical development already: he is more confident at climbing things already! We are still waiting for postman pat to bring him his Tumble Tots T-shirt but when it arrives I will post a photo of him wearing it!

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