Sunday, 1 November 2009

Tonsillitus :(

My poor tot has tonsillitus. It began with a high temperature of over 39 degrees and often reaching 40 at night. He has been sleeping in our bed and it is like old times when he would sleep with us every night until his little brother arrived. I resisted taking him to the GP as they always tell you it's viral and it stresses me out always having to wait at least half an hour to be seen. It got to Friday afternoon and he the temperature wasn't going dwn even with 10ml of Calpol every 4 hours so I rang the surgery. I spoke to my GP and she surprised me by saying that it probably ISN'T a virus with a temperature over 39 - more likely to be bacterial. So then I was kicking myself for not having taken him down there before the appiontments had finished. So saturday morning we took him to the out-of-hours place and they confirmed my suspisions of tonsillitus. There had been no other symptoms except the high temperature and lethargy but we noticed that every time he tried to eat anything such as toast or bread he was gagging and I asked him if it hurt when he swallowed to which he said yes. Anyway, we got the penicillin so I was pleased that we got it treated quickly this time - unlike when baby had pneumonia and it took them nearly 2 weeks to figure it out and give the anti-biotics. They are so reluctant to give out anti-biotics these days and just blame it on viruses all the time, it really frustrates me. The only problem we have not is trying to get the stuff down toddler. We had a screaming incident this morning where I ended up pinning him to the floor and he ended up with half of it on his face. For some reason he will take it when his daddy administers it to him. This is what he is like with a lot of things. Like learning for example. When I try and teach him the alphabet or counting he will sometimes be interested but more often than not will not want to know and will walk away fromme to go and play with his toys. Yet when daddy tries with him he always seems more responsive. It doesn't bother me that much, it is just that as I am planning to homeschool I don't know how it is going to work if he will not listen to me. Anyway, I guess I just keep persevering and concentrate on getting my tot back to full health for now.

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