Friday, 14 May 2010

7 weeks to go...

I'm counting down the weeks now until the arrival of our little angel: baby no.3. 7 weeks to go and I'm getting excited and nervous! The last two weeks seem to have been more difficult than usual. My legs have started to really ache when I stand for too long and have developed some varicose veins :( It is also so difficult to bend over to pick up things - which is an essential part of daily life with a 3-year old, 19-month old and a room full of toys...and then there is the killer heartburn. I haven't updated recently as it is just so difficult to find the time...even as I speak I have the 3-year old in my ear asking me what something says in a book!

So, what has happened since I last posted? It was my mum's birthday this week, she would have been 57. So I have been thinking about her even more than usual. I bought some ivory lillies that were her favourite and some purple fresia and put them in a vase in the lounge for her. We will go to the cemetry on Sunday to leave some flowers there for her. It's been just over two years now since we lost her. I miss her, and think of her every single day...I never realised it was possible to miss someone so much and how there are always more tears even when you think there couldn't possibly be any left. So in memory of mum we are meeting for sunday lunch this weekend with my brother and his family and my mum's ex-partner (I don't quite know what you call a partner who has lost their other half but is now with someone else? Anyway, he was with my mum for 10 years and I used to refer to him as my step-dad, it's difficult now that he is with someone else though) at my mum's favourite pub restaurant near to where she lived. It wil be strange to be doing that and her not being there, it is very sad but somehow everyone remains very upbeat when we meet on this occasion. I think we all just hide our feelings - that's what it is.

Anyway, today we have had a nice day out at a country park near to us. The boys had a great time, and we were all tired when we got home. This weekend I also plan to make cakes with Finn as I said we would do it this afternoon and by the time we got home, and unloaded the grocery shopping that we had also done and sorted some washing and the usual cleaning of the kitchen, I was just too tired to entertain the idea of cake-making. So we have been taking it easy with books and TV this afternoon, then an early bath for the boys and their dinner before sitting down to do this while I wait for hubby to get in from work.

Other news, I have been doing lots of knitting: it is my new hobby, and I'm getting a bit obsessed with buying yarn! I will post some pics of what I have made when I get a chance.

Feeling a bit more positive about the home-schooling issue. There has been a lot of talk amongst my circle of mums recently about schools as some of the children are due to start school this september (Finn is next september as his birthday is middle of september) and so they have all just heard about whether they have got into the schools they wanted. There are two really good village schools within a few miles of our little town where we live and then there is the lower school in our town which hasn't got as good a reputation - mainly due to the large class sizes. Well, the village schools this year have been over-subscribed and some of the kids that live in our town didn't get in. I have put Finn's name down for both these village schools and plan to apply in November and then I have until April next year to decide whether to send him or home-school. Well, I'm thinking now that if he doesn't get into these village schools then I will definitely be home-schooling. Anyway, we have decided that as it stands home-schooling is our plan, but I need to see how it is once no.3 comes along as I am a little worried about how I will cope. I spoke to it at length with one of my good friends. We were best friends at school and have stayed friends ever since and I value her opinion but she thinks home-schooling is a big mistake and ended up basically accusing me of wanting to do it because I have control issues and not for the good of the kids. I felt quite hurt about that, and I agree I do like to control things a lot, but I really do only want what is best for my children and what makes them happy. Anyway, enough about that for now...I'll attach some recent pics before I run out of time!

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