Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Spring is here!

Since I last blogged what has happened?

- My eldest boy is now 4 and a half and due to start school in September - yet we are still planning to home educate. Since the beginning of March he has been reading three letter words. He knew all the alphabet and the phonetic sounds so I thought I would try him out with a few easy words such as "sat" "cat" etc. and he totally surprised me by sounding them out and reading them. We try and do a few new words and have story time every afternoon. This is not always easy though as his little brother is a handful and we have recently got a playstation 3 which the 4-year old is becoming obsessed with. He has already completed Little Big Planet 2 and also loves the sonic racing game. I tried to hold off letting him get into computer games but I think as long as the time they have on it is limited and they don't play any age inappropriate games then I can't see how it is a bad thing. The only way I think it is bad is when he gets so obsessed with it that he wakes up really early in the morning to go and play it before I get up and turn it off and then talks about it all day and keeps asking if it is 5 o'clock yet (as that is when he is allowed to play it). It is starting to bother me a bit but I figure as long as he still has time doing other things and still does some "school work" then I'm not too worried.

- My 2-year old is a real terrible two now. Every day is a battle with him and some days it gets me down. We had an incident with him swallowing lavender oil a few weeks back and had to spend the night in hospital. Luckily he was fine but things like that are just a daily occurrence and it makes life difficult.

- My 9-month old is now crawling and tring to pull herself onto her feet which has made me think, "where has my baby gone?"!

Today the weather has been like summer and so they have been in the garden which has helped as some days it is difficult as the boys have too much pent up energy when they are in the house too long.

We made a simnel cake and the boys had their tumble tots and gym bobs classes. I've also crystalised some primrose flowers ready for Prim's Christening on sunday. I'm making her cake and plan to put the flowers on top. Having everyone round to our house after so we are hoping the weather stays nice!

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