Sunday, 16 August 2009

8 Things I Loved This Week

1). Taking the boys to playgroup on monday - they always have a good time, especially tot!
2). Getting our bed back and spending more quality time with hubby!
3). Drinking lots of capuccino from my new Gaggia machine!
4). Going to London - doing the museums and Hamleys - first trip to the big smoke for the little ones! Tot loved the train rides the best!
5). Laughing at some of the phrases tot comes out with these days. A few examples, "That's a good idea", "Bit busy at the moment", "That makes sense"! I laugh and think what a funny thing for a toddler to say and then realise that he is just repeating things he has heard me say!
6). My Nikon D40 - has produced many wonderful shots of my family that I will cherish forever.
7). Having coffee with my mum and tots group. They are my only friends in a 30 mile radius and enjoy spending time nattering with them while watching our little ones play with eachother.
8). Swimming. In fact this should have been at number one as it is my favourite thing ever at the moment. I have been taking the boys twice a week this summer and going three times a week on my own in the evenings. The boys love it and so do I!

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