Tuesday, 4 August 2009

It's a boy!

Just found out today that I am going to have a little nephew in December! I am so pleased for my brother and dad as this will keep the family name going. I am also pleased for my two boys as it will be their first boy cousin. I now have visions of many happy summer holidays together at the cottage in Cornwall.

Just a quick one today as the little crabs are asleep and I need to sweep and wash the floor and try and tidy the lounge a bit before they wake as we have a neighbour popping around for coffee tomorrow. She has a tot the same age as mine and as of yet we haven't really chatted properly or given the boys an opportunity to be play mates - apart from a chance meet at an outdoor play area a few months back. That was when we agreed we should meet up and so when I saw them at the leisure centre at the weekend I invited them to ours this week. I hope that it will perhaps be the start of a friendship for me and tot as they seem like a lovely family and would be ideal when the boys get older and want to play out as they live at the top of our close. Anyway, the mop and bucket beckon!!

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