Friday, 15 January 2010

Home Education - the starting post

Yesterday I finally felt like I was making some progress with starting to home educate my oldest. He is nearly 3 and a half so I don't want to rush him into school work, but he so wants to learn. Yesterday I drew a few letters in dot-to-dot form on a scrap piece of paper and asked tot if he would like to try drawing over the dots to form letters. He was very enthusiastic about it and loved the idea that he was forming letters all on his own! I had to keep showing him how to hold the felt tip properly but he really surprised me as we had tried this about 6 months ago and he was totally not interested. However, this time by the time we had finished he had written 1-10 and A-E in upper and lower-case. This morning I asked if he wanted to do some school work and he said, "Yes! I want to do school work right now!". He is so eager to learn new things and will just pick up books and look through them on his own if I am busy in the kitchen. We read books to him every day and he just loves them. It has made me realise that I think home education would be really beneficial to him and perhaps not as difficult for me as I thought. I am definitely swaying more for the home education yet I am still not ruling school out until the third one is here.


  1. So nice to hear your son being so enthusiastic for "learning" :)
    I home-educate my 4 children (now aged 14, 12, 8, and 4) and have done so for almost 7 years. It's the best decision I've ever made for our family I think.
    Julia x

  2. That's wonderful to hear Julia. I am really keen to home educate my children (16 months and 3 and a half and another on it's way!). But I am SO nervous about it. I don't know anyone to speak to in person that shares my views. My 3 year old has a lot of friends from parent groups I have been to - but they are all talking about school now...which makes me feel we may be missing out? I am confused and nervous and the indecision is driving me mad! It's lovely to hear a success story - people think I'm mad considering home educating 3 kids - well you have done it with 4 so that instills some confidence. Thanks!