Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What we do on a Wednesday...

My smallest boy has now started Tumble Tots. I go in with him to his class compared to his older brother who is in the 3 years -school age class and goes in on his own. Jacob is only 16-months but wants to do everything his big brother does - from climbing to role-playing with cars and even drawing (which Finn at the age of 3 and a half has only just got into!).
Jacob is still a little nervous about climbing the apparatus at the moment though and the instructor commented last week how he is not as confident as his older brother. This has surprised me as at home he climbs the stairs in seconds and drags chairs over to the sofa so that he can climb up onto it and then climb onto the window sill, and generally shows no fear at all. Physically he is a lot more advanced than Finn was at that age. I can only assume that the lack of confidence at tumble tots is the environment which is intimidating him a bit at the moment. It is a big group with over fifteen toddlers and mums and there is a lot of equipment to look at - it must be quite daunting for a 16-month old. He seems to enjoy it anyway, and I'm sure his confidence will grow in time.
So this is what we do on a wednesday. As they are in different classes we have an hour to kill in-between and so I normally treat them to a trip to McDonalds for lunch. It is a once-a-week treat as I don't normally let them eat fast food. In fact, I don't think Finn stepped foot in a McDonalds until he was three. I used to be a bit obsessed about not feeding him anything that wasn't organic or that had refined sugar or salt in it. I think you become more relaxed once you have your second child though and you learn not to worry about things quite so much. Everything in moderation I say. Anyway, Finn certainly knows what MDs is now though and recognises the big yellow 'M'! I think he looks forward to this day all week as he loves Tumble Tots and McDonalds! We are vegetarians, although we do eat fish so the boys normally have fish finger happy meals, or recently Finn has taken to asking for a Filet-O-Fish (as that is what mummy normally has!) so he will have that, Jacob will have a small pot of Plum Baby food and they will share a happy meal. Luckily there is not a real fight for the toy - yet!

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