Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ways to amuse ourselves without a car...

Our car has annoyingly been out-of-action for two days now so we have had to find ways to amuse ourselves at home or within walking distance. Yesterday we went swimming as luckily we have a leisure centre 5 minutes walk from our house. Both boys had a great time and Jacob slept through the night for the first time in months - think I will do that more often! It is hard work taking two under 4s swimming but I am trying to make the effort and make the most of it before number three comes along and we will have to wait until the weekend then and go swimming with hubby.

Today we walked to the local shop for a few supplies and this afternoon I put Jacob down for a nap and Finn and I made jam tarts. He absolutely loves baking and helping me in the kitchen. I love cooking and baking too, although I'm not so keen on the cleaning up afterwards when Finn helps out! I made myself a nice strong cappuccino though with hazelnut syrup and cinnamon sprinkled on top as a change to the usual chocolate. Finn had a babyccino and we sat down with our drinks and a jam tart each before I tackled the tidying up!

We are lucky that we live in a nice rural town so it has a village feel to it yet we can walk to the High Street and find all the amenities we need really: banks, small supermarket, library, post office, card shop, deli, children's shoe shop, bakery, tea shop, weekly market and we walk to the doctor's surgery which is a 10 minute walk not far from the reservoir which is good for walks in the summer. However, there are some drawbacks. All our family and some of our friends all live in the main county town which is twenty miles away, so I often wish I could live nearer to them; and the bus service here is appalling. To get to a village just ten minutes away (which is where we need to go tomorrow for tumble tots) involves catching a bus that only runs every two hours! So hopefully hubby will be sorting the car tonight - fingers crossed.

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