Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Another virus for my poor baby

Today we went to the GPs with baby - again. He had a high temperature the last day of our holiday and for a few days after that. He also had a runny nose and was off his food. I was not overly concerned about this but last night he started to develop a rash all over his torso. By now his temperature had returned to normal and I did the glass test with the spots - so wasn't worried it was meningitis. Anyway, this morning the rash looked worse as it had creeped up to his neck and forehead, so I took him to the doctors. The diagnosis was that it is just a virus and therefore they cannot prescribe anything. She said she had seen another baby this week with exactly the same symptoms, so it is obviously doing the rounds whatever it is. It is very frustrating when they say this because it's like you just want them to give you some magic cream to make it all better again! But at least I got peace of mind that it is nothing serious.

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