Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A wonderful surprise...

It's official. I am now 30. I am not going to get depressed about it, but it does sound so much older than 29! It is of course only a number and you are only as old as you feel: which some days for me I am still a teenager and some days I am well into my thirties or older! So for my birthday I went to the seaside with my hubby and boys. We all had a lovely time, especially tot who was 'pretending' to fall over as he paddled in the sea and was up to his neck in it and loving it by the end of it, while babe and hubby enjoyed making sandcastles.

For my birthday hubby bought me a steamer. I was very pleased with this as I needed a new one and I didn't expect anything else big as he had bought me a new coffee machine for our 4th wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month. Anyway, the steamer had been sat on the table for a day and a half when hubby asked if I was going to try it out soon. I had some broccoli to steam that evening so in a hurry as I was preparing dinner the evening after my birthday I grabbed the box to get out the steamer. Imagine my surprise as I opened the box and noticed another small box - the sort of small box that can only contain a ring or earrings with a message, "Your real birthday present" written on it! I opened the box to reveal a beautiful gold band studded with seven diamonds. An eternity ring from my wonderful husband. It was quite easily the best birthday surprise ever!

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