Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Center Parcs

I'm now a Center Parcs fan. We had decided to do a mid-week break there as we had already been to Cornwall at the beginning of the summer. We tend to do two separate holidays each for a week as it breaks up work a bit more fo hubby. As much as I love a beach holiday to Menorca or such place we decided to stay in this country this year due to Jacob being so small - well, really more to do with not being able to find a good deal on a villa or apartment as it would be a nightmare to all try to sleep in a hotel room (as we did with Finn last year). Anyway, we went for Center Parcs as we were able to get a 2-bedroom woodland lodge which meant the boys had to share a room - but it worked out fine really. I think there was only one night when baby woke up - screamed - woke toddler up - who also screamed! This was the last night and baby had a roaring temperature (I think he got some sort of infection from going swimming every day - is okay now) and tot was so tired from all the days activities that he fell asleep without dinner and so woke up as he was hungry (normally not even a screaming baby wakes him when he is really tired!). Anyway, the park was great. We went swimming every day and cycling and walking around the lake. Tot had a great time on all the adventure play areas and at the kids disco (he is not shy at all and it is so lovely to watch his emerging personality). We also went ten-pin bowling and had a few drinks at the bar (drinking mojitos reminded me of my pre-mum days as I usually only drink red wine!). As a present for my 30th my mother in law treated me to a pampering day at the spa there. This was great and I really wish I could do that every week as a time-out from the kids (but at £38 a time this would work out rather expensive!). So all in all we all had a lovely time and are already talking about going back there!

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