Thursday, 25 June 2009

Cornwall, strange coincidences and the poor cat

I often wonder if you can have too much of a good thing. I also wonder if our holidays to Cornwall are jinxed in some way.

We had a lovely week away. Cornwall never disappoints me. The wonderful rugged coast land, the amazing beaches, the lush countryside and landscaped gardens, the little fishing villages as well as all the fun parks, farms, museums, art galleries and high standard restaurants and pubs: there is something for everyone.

However, my poor little one had a tummy bug for the whole of the week. Last year my other son had a bug for half the week we were there. I know that it is just a coincidence as my eldest caught it from his cousin who came with us last year and this year the little one came down with it the day after we got there so it was obviously something that he picked up before we went away. However, I can't help wondering why these things have happened at the same time. Then the monday we get back our neighbour's cat gets run over in the close. This is another strange coincidence as it was the monday that we got back from cornwall two years ago that our little girl cat got run over in the close. On monday the neighbour opposite was driving past our lounge window and braked suddenly. A minute later she was at our door and I could hear her asking my husband if we had a tabby cat. We have one tabby cat now (the little girl's brother, Thomas) and I just stood in the lounge frozen, my heart beating so fast - I thought that was it, we had lost our little boy too. I ran out the back door to try and compose myself and there was Thomas lounging on the patio table. I picked him up and gave him such a big hug he must have thought it was his birthday! Then my thoughts turned to my poor neighbour whose cat it was likely to be. His name was Max and he was only just over a year old. Yesterday morning they were out scrubbing the road, blood is such a difficult stain to remove. The mark on the road is a constant reminder, it keeps it fresh in your mind, until it fades and you hope the bad memories fade with it.

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