Thursday, 11 June 2009

One sleep to go...

One sleep to go...until our holiday to Cornwall! We are staying in the same cottage that we went to last year and I sometimes day dream that we actually live there. It is a converted barn, so it retains original features such as beams yet has a gorgeous modern kitchen and wonderful layout. It has 4 bedrooms, two with en-suite, large kitchen with farmhouse-style table and separate utility area and secluded back garden as well as a spacious lounge. My brother and his girlfriend are coming with us so there will be plent of room and toddler gets to have his own room.

For hubby the holiday cannot come soon enough. He has been snowed under at work recently, often leaving for the office at 6.30am these past few weeks (which is ealy when it is only a 5-minute walk down the road!). He is hoping we will be able to nip off to the pub a few evenings a week and leave uncle and aunty on baby sitting duty (to get them some practice in as they are expecting a baby in December)! It is very rare for us to get any time out together without the boys. The last time we went out for a drink alone was over a year ago. I sometimes go swimming for an hour at the weekend on my own and that is the only time away I usually have from the boys.

Just the very act of getting ready for the holiday is making me feel as though I need one! So far I have packed the boys' clothes and mine; boys' toilettries (i.e bubble bath, shampoo, nappy cream and medicines just in case); stuff for swimming and beach (everything from wetsuits to bucket and spade and sun tent and beach ball); a big box of toys; box of groceries; and towels and bed linen for the cot (in the vain hope that baby will sleep in a cot and give us a bit of time-out!). Still to pack is hubbies clothes and our toliettries plus other last minute bits like a packed lunch for the boys and multi vitamins. Yesterday I cleaned the house (something my mum taught me - always leave the house clean when you go away) and got the cat's bowls and food ready (hubby's work mate is coming in to feed him). Then the final thing I need to do is to print off our itinerary for the week!

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