Friday, 26 June 2009

Not healthy bunnies

Well, it's Friday again and I seem to have spent the last week trying to recover from last weeks holiday! It doesn't help that I have come down with a nasty cold that I'm paranoid is swine flu (I'm sure it isn't). My 9-month old spent the weeks holiday with a tummy bug and this week with a temperature and cold. He has been the ultimate velcro baby, sleeping loads but wanting to be stuck to me otherwise. Meanwhile the tot is full of beans as usual, every day an all in all I feel absolutely shattered!

The weather has been lovely (which makes the cold symptoms more of a mystery) and yesterday morning we went out to tot's favourite outdoor playground. We built sandcastles and pretended we were back on Porthcurno beach, then we had tea and cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches on the decking area of the cafe. By the afternoon it was sweltering so out came the paddling pool and I looked forward to a nice relaxing afternoon. However, as I was changing baby's nappy I noticed how dark his urine looked and how it may be infected so I rang the doctors who said to go and pick up a urine sample bag. So off we set to the doctors at 5pm when I was meant to be getting started on dinner. After a stop off at the shop we got home and did pizza and chips for tea with strawberries and strawberry cheescake Haagen Daz for dessert (which I stupidly put in the fridge instead of the freezer I realised this morning :( ) Anyway, managed to get some urine in the sample bag and dropped it back off at the doctors today. I'm a bit frustrated that it is a friday though and so will have to wait until monday for the results :(

Meanwhile I'm soldiering on with my usual cold treatments : nettle tea with manuka honey and lemon; effervescent vitamin C and some coffee to keep me awake! I hate feeling like this because I can't do as much with the tot. Normally I will take him out as well as reading books, drawing, painting etc. at home but at the moment I'm just encouraging him to sit in front of the TV when he's fed up of amusing himself in the garden. He is very good at occupying himself bless him, but it makes me feel so guilty :(

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