Friday, 26 June 2009

School or Home-School?

On Tuesday we went to an open day at one of the local primary schools. I told tot that it was "big playgroup"! He seemed to like it and was intrigued by all the girls and boys dressed in uniform. I was quite impressed with the school, although it is the only one we have looked at so far so I have nothing to compare it against. The pupils were all very well behaved, everything was very organised and they have excellent resourses and lovely teachers.

The thing is I've had this idea for a while now that I want to home-school my children. However, I have a few doubts about this. Namely the social side of it and also worrying that I would not be teaching them properly. I have to get over the self-doubt though. I have a degree at the end of the day so surely with a bit of research I think I would be capable of teaching them to a high standard. Being at home would mean they get more one-to-one time and therfore have the potential to excel more than they would at school. I just don't want to feel lie they are "missing out" on anything though by not going to school. The tot's friends are now at pre-school and I already feel pressure to put him in and feel like he is missing out by not going. This school has excellent Ofsted reports and I was impressed with it, so I think that if I do send him to school this is likely to be the one - although there is another one that I need to see too. He would not start until 2011 so we have a while to decide, I'm just so unsure???

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