Thursday, 11 June 2009

My time

I have been keeping a blog for my son who is nearly 3 and have recently added his 8-month-old brother's name onto the blog so that they can 'share' it! Of course it is me who is composing the posts for them at them moment but I'd like to think that perhaps in years to come they will enjoy looking back on it and maybe start posting themselves! I wanted to have my own blog so that I can note down my feelings or thoughts on everything that is going on in my life. Most of my life does revolve around my two boys, but I think it is nice for me to be able to have this blog as MY blog to do with as I wish! One of my friends who is due to give birth any day now to her second has been saying how we have to go for a girly night out of drinking and letting our hair down soon. For the last 3 years now we have both been taking it in turns to be pregnant and therefore haven't been able to go out and both get drunk together! She said how she still thinks it is so important that she does this, to have some "me" time, to remember what her needs and likes are instead of always thinking of what is best for everyone else. I agree, but that is easier said than done when there are constant demands made on you. There is always something that needs to be done whether it be a nappy change, feed, tidy-up of the kitchen, washing, cooking, more cleaning, bathing, shopping, organising toys, reading/activities with the boys...every day the routine runs so that there is very little time left in the day for me to do anything else. As for going out drinking for an evening - that is difficult when you have a breastfed baby who will not sleep in his cot and is demand fed every 2 hours on average in the evenings; combine that with a 32-month old who will only go to bed if his mummy lies down with him for approximately 20 minutes. By the time I have done all that in a day I just want my cup of tea and chocolate and some soaps on TV!

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