Monday, 13 July 2009

BBQ time

We had a great action-packed weekend. Even though I love my house I cannot stay in all day and I much prefer to get out and do things. On saturday we went to Wimpole Hall - I just love going to National Trust places (in case you hadn't already guessed!). We all had a lovely time, tot got to play on the play tractors and we also discovered a hidden adventure playground that we didn't see before, and hubby was happy as there was beer tasting!

Yesterday we went to Wicksteed park and then in the evening we had a BBQ in our back garden. We cooked some salmon and tot looked at the fish lying on a plate and said, "Fish gone to clouds". I knew what he was talking about as just the other day I was telling him about Nana dying and going to heaven up in the clouds. So I just agreed and then he said, "Where's Nana?" and it almost made me cry. We explained how she was in heaven in the clouds and that it was like a long holiday where you never come back.

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