Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A trip down memory lane on a rainy day

Woke up at 7.30am this morning to baby grumbling in his cot. He went down around 7pm so he did really well. I go into the nursery, pick him up and take him back to bed with me for a milk feed. Tot is already downstairs playing with trains (the only thing he is into at the moment) with daddy before he has to sneak out the door to work. Normally as soon as hubby is out the door and tot realises he is alone he will start calling for us and come up the stairs and jump into bed with us. Then we all get up and wash and dress and go and get cereal and a hot drink for me (strong coffee this morning - still tired due to a late night gym and swim session!).

Today the weather is very bad for mid July. We had a heat wave back in May/June time but ever since then it has got worse and is just grey and rainy today - although still fairly humid. This is a bit annoying as hubby has gone to London on business and has taken the car - so we are stuck to walking-distance places today. However, we have waterproofs and wellies so we will not let a little rain stop us. We are lucky really where we live as it is a small enough town to make it feel like a village, yet we have lots of amenities. We can go swimming at the leisure centre just up the road, the library, a walk around the reservoir, shops along the high street and the park (if we don't mind soggy swings!). It is really constant at the moment as baby has just started crawling the last few days and so he needs to be kept an eye on even more, and tot has become some chatty and curious lately. As we sit here on the sofa, he watches the TV and every second he is saying, "what's that?", "what's that dog doing?", "what she doing?" and he goes on and on until I give him an answer!

We are watching children's classics on Nick Jr at the moment that I have been Sky + ing as they put them on after tots bedtime. My particular favourite is Rainbow and I love it that tot seems to like it too. It is probably the only children's programme that I will sit and watch as it takes me back to my childhood. I like the idea that even though I don't remember the particular episodes I may actually have watched it as a child and now I am sitting watching the same thing with my children. The great thing is that if Rod, Jane and Freddy get a bit too much then I can just fast forward them! It's funny as although my memory of Rainbow is a little hazy, I distinctly remember finding their song-slot boring and wishing I could fast forward it! The real-life clips where they go out somewhere are great though. It really shows the date of the programme and it is so nostalgic it almost brings a tear to my eye as it inevitably reminds me of my childhood and my mum.

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