Thursday, 9 July 2009


This evening I did something I have not done since before I had my first-born nearly 3 years ago - I went swimming on my own! No big deal I know and I have done this at a weekend but never managed to get out in the evening before now. Normally I do not feel like it, I'm too tired and just want to slob in front of the TV with tea and chocolate! Up until the last few weeks my 9-month old had been sleeping in our bed and feeding constantly in the evenings so for me to get away would have been difficult. However, in the last 2 weeks he has begun to suddenly start eating properly and this must be satisfying him as he is going down in his cot and staying there all night! This sudden change has totally surprised hubby and me - and largely for the better. We get to re-claim all our bed space back and have more "us" time (but I find myself lying in bed not being able to sleep as I miss not having the the little one to cuddle!), and we also get our evenings free, hence my idea to start doing something fo me. I'm going to enrol at the gym and do that and swimming a few evenings a week. I do, after 3 years, finally feel like I need to do something for me that doesn't involve babies or children. I used to love going to the gym and swimming in particular and I think it is important to carry on doing things that you enjoy. I think it is as much about retaining your identity as a person in your own right - not just as a mother and wife, and that this is very important to your mental well-being as well as physical. I mean really I get enough exercise running around after my two toe-rags and I make a point of going out for a walk with them every day come rain or shine, so the gym is not just for fitness and health it's more about me doing something for me for once!

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