Friday, 17 July 2009

Silence is golden...but there's no rest for the wicked...!

Finally. Peace at last! The house is silent. This week has been quite tiring as I have started going to the gym in the evenings, which means I am still tired when I get my morning wake-up call from tot at around 7am! But last night was even worse. He had a late afternoon nap which meant he wouldn't go to bed. After a lot of messing around and me having to lie with him and give him milk (which I am getting increasingly fed-up with now that he is nearly 3!) I pulled him off and said I had no more milk left and that it was time to go to sleep. As this did not happen I ended up bringing him downstairs as he said he was hungry (I think he just says this though to try and get milk off me). So we went down and I made him toast and marmite and a cup of milk in front of the food channel (hubby tried to find a boring channel so he would fall asleep - which didn't work as he loved the Rick Stein programme as it featured boats and dogs and making a cake!) By 11pm hubby had gone to bed and left me to contend with him. I tidied the kitchen so that it was one less thing to face in the morning while tot was galloping around on his hobby horse one minute then crawling around the kitchen floor with his JCB digger the next. Then the football came out and he kicked it under my legs just as I was walking to the door with a glass of water to take up for bed. I tripped over and the water went everywhere and I swore at him and dragged him up to his bed as I had just about had enough at this point. I always feel so guilty if I swear in front of them - but this is only when I have reached the end of my tether. I gave him his cup of milk and finally after a bit more crying and waking the baby who cried for a while, eventually all were asleep. What I could not believe was how come this morning 7am tot is wide awake a ready to start another day, and now at 3am he has only just gone down for a nap! So at the moment both are asleep after a walk to the shop in the buggy. Meanwhile I'm having a quick sit down with a drink and some chocolate to check e-mails, facebook, do this and then I have to get up and vacuum and wash the floors as I can't do this when they are awake, sometimes I think I must be mad for wanting more!

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