Thursday, 23 July 2009

Busy day... my tot says to me every night as I take him to bed...

Today has been totally manic - and it hasn't helped with hubby going to Dublin for the day. This meant that he left early in the morning and will return very late this evening - which means I have had no help with the boys' bedtime routines. I am pleased to say though that I got them both fed, bathed and in bed just before 7pm! This was only because tot did not have his nap though and actually fell asleep in front of his beloved Cars DVD!

Anyway, despite being absolutely nackerd we did have a good day. We went swimming this morning and then had lunch at the cafe there (even though it is only a short walk home, it is less hassle for me rather than going home and preparing sandwiches etc. when the breakfast bowls and cups are still sitting on the table!). By the time we got home baby was asleep and so tot helped me tidy up the lounge ready for the mum and tots coffee morning tomorrow. Then we went out for a walk to the local shop - on the pretense of getting tot off to sleep. Tot ate two Fudge bars and baby ate one and they were both still wide awake by the time we got home. So we got home and pottered about and the boys played in the garden for a while before dinner time. Then it was bath time and then I had to put tot in front of his favourite DVD while I took baby to bed. This involves lying down to feed him for at least half an hour before transferring him to his cot (which sometimes causes crying and so the Radiohead CD goes on!). Then it was downstairs to get tot to take him to bed. He was already asleep on the sofa so I just carried him up to bed. Finally I sat down with my dinner ready for the soaps! Then baby wakes up, so I have to go and give him a bit more milk to try and get him off again. Downstairs again for about 10 minutes before toddler wakes up and realises he hasn't had his bedtime milk (did I mention how I am trying to cut down milk feeds - don't know how I'm going to do that :( ) so I have to lie down with him for a little while until he drifts off. Now FINALLY I have the rest of the evening to myself - hopefully! It is such hard work being a mum, but I can't imagine my life without them.

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