Tuesday, 7 July 2009

My view on nappies...

I just wanted to tell you about the nappies that I use for my babes. When I had my first I bought the Bambino Mio re-usables with the intention of being all environmentally-friendly. Well, I didn't get on with them. My first-born although only 6lb 4oz when he was born (yet this was due to being induced 4 weeks early, bless him, because of pre-eclampsia) soon put on the weight and was a big baby. I think this may have been why the nappies did not quite fit properly and they were always leaking. I therefore gave up with them and then discovered Nature Babycare disposables. Now my first-born is nearly three and only wears a nappy at night. When my second-born came along I thought I would try the Bambino Mios again, and I have to say that I have had no problems with them this time around. My second-born is a fair bit smaller and they seem to fit him much better. However, I still use disposables at night time and I make a point of only using the Nature ones now due to the environmental factor as well as the belief they are better for my babes due to the natural materials and lack of chlorine used to produce them. I also like using re-usables as much as possible as my mum used "terry towels" when I was a baby and I like the idea of following on with this and doing the same for my babes.

In order for Nature Babycare to sell these nappies at a reasonable price to compete with the market leaders they do not spend millions on marketing and that is why I wanted to just give them a mention in my blog! I think they are becoming more well-known by word-of-mouth from other mums and just by conscious mums seeking alternatives. They are available in Waitrose (who also stock all their other products) and Sainsbury's and Tesco's have just started selling the nappies and wipes. I think all nappies should be natural like this. They do cost a couple of pounds more than the market leaders and a bit more again compared to the supermarket-own brands, but quite frankly, I think for piece of mind for your baby's well-being and the environment it is extra money well-spent.

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